A powerful time billing process that turns your timesheets into invoices

Discover the joy of simple and profitable Time Billing

eMalaya integrates all the functionalities of a time tracking and project billing software necessary to invoice your clients, including expense management and invoice creation. All billable time performed by a team member on a project will be tracked by our time tracking tools.

The eMalaya time & billing software uses the data directly from Timesheets. Our project and task billing system automatically associates Expenses to Timesheets (or Projects) and Timesheets are automatically associated to invoices.

Before being invoiced, timesheets must be approved by the Project Manager or Project Leader via the eMalaya approval module which shows all time entries and tracks billable and non billable hours.

eMalaya also facilitates tax credit applications by compiling employees time performed in R&D, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Time Billing

eMalaya includes a very efficient management solution of taxes (worldwide), currencies (US dollars, CAD dollars and Euros), discounts, etc., and billing by service.

Expense Billing

eMalaya offers a management solution for expenses, travel, equipment, supplies, material, adjustments, specific discounts and rebates, etc. eMalaya also produces expense reports.

Custom Tax Billing

eMalaya Billing module allows users to ``create`` the tax model corresponding to their needs through our invoice template.

Custom Project Billing

In short, whatever the nature of your activities or services, eMalaya ensures profitable project management through its integrated time and expense billing process.

Enjoy multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-lingual capabilities

Experience fully personalized billing

eMalaya offers all the flexibility required for a fully customized billing process while providing multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-lingual functionalities. Indeed, eMalaya manages several currencies (USD, CAD, EUROS) and allows users to “create” the tax model corresponding to their needs through our invoice template.

Furthermore, eMalaya allows you to apply specific rebates, discounts and adjustmentsto both Clients and Projects.

Timesheet + Expenses Management + Billing + Project Planning

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