eMalaya can create a Project Plan when running in integration with DevOps & Jira or in standalone mode!

Imagine Project Planning with no hassle!

Project planning and tracking allows you to see if you are on track to meet the budget while the project is still underway, giving you the ability to take action and correct project timeline or modify some project team before the project goes off track.

It is often difficult to stay on track with the initial scope of a project. eMalaya boasts an easy project planning process, helping you create a good project management plan. Thus, keeping track of your to-do list will allow you to better manage the overall project scope and decide whether to accept some client changes and inventory others for a later phase once you’ve reached your project objectives.

Like many project management software, eMalaya includes reporting and data exportcapabilities in Excel and CSV formats.

Project Planning & Resource Planning

eMalaya allows the Project Manager to track Projects by employee or by Project. You can define each step of Project planning and Resource planning as well as define the tasks to be done.

DevOps & Jira Project Integration

eMalaya allows you to import the complete structure of your Projects (Project / Sub-Project / Sub-Sub-Project...) in one click, it's that simple!

Calculate the Project Projection

eMalaya calculates the Projection in real time, i.e. the Hours Worked plus the Remaining Work; this gives you the right information on the status of Projects and allows you to take into account the critical path ahead.

Simplified Time Entry

Thanks to the integration with DevOps & Jira, employees can perform time entry simply with a task number. Moreover, they can enter the backlog of their tasks when doing their timesheet entries in eMalaya.

Quickly create your organization's environment including languages, currencies and taxes

Start with eMalaya in 3 simple steps!

Clients Creation

Create the files of Clients and fill in the relevant details to Billing and Management of Projects.

Projects Creation

Define your projects and project structure, associate individuals, tasks and, if necessary, budgeted hours. In some cases, link your projects to Jira or Microsoft DevOps

Tasks Creation

Define the tasks that will be used for a given project and, if necessary, associate them a specific hourly rate.

Timesheet + Expenses Management + Billing + Project Planning

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