Because when it comes to client billing, every minute counts!

Clear and accurate Timesheets, pillar of your profitability

Timesheets give you a precise idea of the productivityof your teams and employees. By tracking the number of hours worked, you can assess the health of the organization, the status of current and past projects and in some cases, the performance of resources.

This will allow you to adjust their workload accordingly or notify Human Resources of the need for new hires.

Employees can also enter their vacation and time offin the same place and timesheets will be automatically created in batch when approved by a supervisor.

eMalaya applies a timesheet approval process by a supervisor who will authorize hours, expenses, absences, etc. Thus, time sheets also help the manager in his project management.

Incomparable ease of use

Time management has never been easier for the employee or team leader because everything is done in one place (tasks, expenses, etc.). Timesheets are automatically associated with Clients and Projects (Sub-Projects...) and collected for billing, exportable to your payment system.

Go Cloud and say goodbye to upgrades

eMalaya is a Cloud application, so employees can do their time entries on a computer or a mobile device; thus, no mobile app updates. In addition, eMalaya takes advantage of timesheet entry facilitators to further speed up entry on any device.

Management of all Expenses

Thus, eMalaya allows you to enter all types of expenses (restaurants, travel, equipment, supplies, etc.) in all their forms (distance, time, weight, quantity...).

Expenses automatically linked to invoices

Expenses are automatically bound to timesheets and/or Projects and they are also automatically bound to your invoices.

And say goodbye to client discussions about expenses

Account for Expenses on a daily basis, through the Projects

Tracking time spent on a project with eMalaya will also create a record of all expenses related to the project; this can be very useful for billing purposes or for later analysis.

Expenses are automatically associated with Timesheets and Projects and are also automatically associated with your invoices. You will be able to ensure that they have all been invoiced to the right client because at the end of the month, an administrator will approve the expenses before invoicing them to clients.

Moreover, if clients unexpectedly ask you for detailed explanations on expenses associated with their projects, you will be able to present them with a detailed report.

Moreover, eMalaya offers you functionalities to perform a totally personalized invoicing for your company.

Timesheets + Expense Management + Billing + Project Planning

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