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Track your projects with ease

eMalaya is a web-based timesheet and billing software that can be integrated into Management Tools like Azure DevOps © and Jira ©.

This app gives the TRUE status of your projects and produces reliable and accurate invoices with the detail.


Your employees will be able to enter their time in "Mobile" mode from their phone or in "Desktop" mode from their computer or tablet. The timesheets record the hours assigned to projects / sub-projects or other types of activities (Holiday, Training, etc.) accumulated in a day. To projects can also be attached expenses, research and development descriptions as well as internal notes.

For information technology projects, information is aggregated and your employees can update task status and remaining time. If Azure DevOps© or Jira© is linked to eMalaya, the status and the remaining time per task will be automatically synchronized between the two applications.

Team leaders can also enter timesheets of all members of their team (crew sheet), all on one page.

Project status

eMalaya allows you to monitor (realized and forecast) budgets, hours and deadlines for your projects in a simple step

You can easily get the available capacity, taking into account hours worked, holidays and vacations, even if the employees are working on several different projects. This will reduce delays and increase the productivity of your business.

The tasks and their rates can be modified by project without affecting the other projects. All in preparation for your invoicing.

Finally, if you use Azure DevOps© or Jira© you can synchronize the times and your project structures with just one click.

Linked with Azure Devop© and Jira©


The invoicing process will begin with the time sheet approval stage. Once the timesheets are approved, they are available to be invoiced or posted by customer and by project.

eMalaya invoicing manages discounts and price adjustments.

It is possible to create a draft of the final invoice. A PDF file is generated for each invoice. The taxes, invoice numbers, invoicing periods and appendix are fully managed by the application.



  • by user by month
  • application unlimited access



  • for 2 users by month
  • for 2 projects maximum