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Get a perfect picture of your Projects

eMalaya is a web-based Timesheet, Project Planning and Invoicing software that allows you to know the ACTUAL status of your projects.

Thanks to its integration with Azure DevOps© / Jira©, eMalaya calculates in real time the Hours Executed in a project plus the Remaining Work of the project in Azure DevOps© or Jira© in order to provide the TRUE status of a project.


eMalaya presents several advantages for Employees:

  • Timesheet entry from any location; Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop;
  • Categorization of Tasks (analysis, activities, research, documentation, etc.);
  • Description of the work performed in Timesheet entries;
  • Association of Notes, Expenses, R&D records, etc., to Timesheets;
  • Entry of time associated with non-project activities;
  • Entry table for Crew Sheets also available.

eMalaya offers many advantages to Project Managers and Developers:

  • Automatic creation of Project Structure retrieved from Azure DevOps© / Jira©;
  • Real-time synchronization of Task status and Remaining Work;
  • • Time entry in one place; automatically applied to the right Client and Project / Sub-Project, and synchronized with Azure DevOps© / Jira©.

Projet planification

eMalaya simplifies Project Planning by matching your real production capacity (resource availability) with Project evaluations, in time.

  • eMalaya allows you to plan resource availability;
  • eMalaya allows you to associate resources to Projects;
  • eMalaya allows you to plan the Projects delivery.

Project status

eMalaya provides the REAL status of Projects... in real time

eMalaya calculates real-time Projections for each Project; that is, the Hours Executed to date plus the Remaining Work.

Thus, eMalaya allows managers to instantly see the real status of a Project and to quickly identify the reasons for disparities, if any.

Linked with Azure Devop© and Jira©


eMalaya offers several advantages for Managers and Administrators

eMalaya applies a rigorous Timesheet validation process that produces traceable (attributed to Projects/Sub-projects), detailed and accurate billing.

  • Timesheets validated (billable or non-billable), approved and assigned to a Client;
  • Invoices or outsourcing reports represented according to the project/sub-project structure defined in eMalaya or Azure DevOps© / Jira©;
  • Expense management;
  • Management of discounts and rate adjustments;
  • Management of taxes, invoice numbers, billing periods, schedules, etc;
  • “Activities” function that compiles the time dedicated to the company's current activities and not associated with any project (vacations, holidays, etc.);
  • Production of required data for the generation of employee payrolls.



  • by user by month;
  • application unlimited access.



  • for 2 users by month;
  • for 2 projects maximum.